5 items of proof towards Dani Alves

TeaScientific police have discovered proof supporting the complainant after it was recorded by the digicam of the Mosso d’Esquadra.

That is one other instance of proof discovered towards Dani Alves within the ongoing case.

Proof within the Dani Alves case

1. Contradiction in his statements

The footballer introduced three various things: first he mentioned he did not know the woman he allegedly sexually assaulted, then he mentioned he noticed her however nothing occurred, and eventually he mentioned that it was she who had thrown herself at him.

2. Gown and medical report of the sufferer

Two days after the alleged assault, the lady went to the Mossos d’Esquadra to report the incident. He additionally submitted the medical report and the costume he was sporting. The Central Unit for Sexual Assaults (UCAS) took over the investigation from there.

3. Safety Cameras

In line with the newspaper El Periodico, Alves And the lady stayed within the toilet for a couple of quarter of an hour. That is proven by the recordings of the safety cameras.

4. Tattoo

The complainant was in a position to testify that Alves He had a tattoo of the crescent moon on his abdomen.

Dani Alves fights again towards Leo Messi, that includes El Mundo

5. Recording of the Mosso de Escadra

Forensic police discovered proof to help the complainant when it was by accident recorded by a Mosso d’Esquadra’s digicam.

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