August 19, 2022

A Royal Rumor Might Inspire Straight Men To Pegg, And It’s Beautiful

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Quick: What is Prince William’s legacy? Is it second in the line of succession to the British throne? Is this his brief stint as the cover star of countless issues? J-14 And People Sexiest Man Alive Edition (and then disappeared from such publications after his thirties and revealed himself to be genetically less aligned with his glamorous mother and more aligned with his Denver carrot-like father? ) or is it inadvertently popularizing a sex act most prominently associated with a tongue-in-cheek superhero franchise?

Last week, HRH’s legacy inevitably got stronger when the hashtag #PrinceOfPegging started trending on Twitter. The hashtag was based on a tip from DeuxMoi, an Instagram account that publishes (completely unverified) celebrity blind items. A blind item last week focused on a British royal who is having an extramarital affair “An Open Secret in London and Between the English Aristocracy.” The blind object reads like this:

“At a recent media party, I was told that the real reason behind the affair was Shahi’s love of pegging, which his wife had very old-fashioned about. His sexual needs are met elsewhere, as long as things don’t get emotional Jati, which happened to the last woman.”

For the uninitiated, “pegging,” a word coined by Dan Savage, is the act of wearing strap-ons and having penetrative sex with another person; It often refers to a heterosexual male being penetrated by a female partner, but this is not necessarily the case. The act has historically been stigmatized, but has rapidly gained acceptance within the cis-hetero community, thanks to increased cultural visibility through shows such as broad city like more movies Dead Pool. “More heterosexual men are shunning their shame-based prejudices around the receptive anus, and more heterosexual women are becoming empowered by the portrayal of pegging in popular media,” says sex and intimacy coach Ashley Manta. She predicts that pegging “will continue to become more and more mainstream until it is no more taboo than a hand job or a blow job.”

Many royal viewers interpreted the tip as a reference to Prince William, whose marriage to Kate Middleton has been the subject of intense speculation over the years. This is largely due to the ongoing rumors about an extramarital affair between William and Rose Hanbury, who goes by the moniker Marchionnese of Cholmondeley (pronounced chumley, for some reason). In 2019, there was a (now-deleted) story in the British tabloid Sun Suggesting that Kate Middleton and Rose, who had been good friends for some time, had been at loggerheads, some suggested that William’s alleged affair with Rose was part of the reason. (True, the palace did not comment directly on the story, instead sending anonymous sources to refute it. “It is a question of a lie that is circulating around the world, before the truth has had to take its shoes off.) got the time,” a Told daily Mail,

Following the publication of that story, Rose has been seen attending church with William and Kate, and she was also photographed at Prince Philip’s memorial service a few months earlier, apparently putting such rumors to bed. was. Yet whispers of impropriety on William’s part have long paused In the media, the DeuxMoi blind item is only fueling speculation.

Is William aware of this rumour? Most likely not. Is he self-aware enough to know that, if it’s true, this would be the most interesting thing about him ever? No. And would he be happy with the fact that he has inadvertently been chosen as a spokesperson for a taboo sex act that is increasingly being adopted by heterosexual men?, Maybe not.

But it seems that’s exactly what happened, if Google Trends data surrounding the word “pegging” is any indication: As of last Thursday, searches for “pegging” had increased by 400 percent, In addition, Pornhub Insights, a pioneer of cultural trends, published a blog Post It showed that searches for “pegging” had increased by 318 percent in the United Kingdom alone, with “strap-ons” also seeing a 98 percent increase. The top three searches for the word included “femdom,” “pegging threesomes,” and “pegging her ass.” Hail Britannia.

This week on Don’t Let This Flop, Rolling stonePodcast about internet news and culture, co-hosts Eise Dixon and Liz Garber-Paul (filling in for Brittany Spanos on vacation this week) discuss Prince William’s alleged power bottom status as well as the TikTok sex symbol of Nazi furry, Kevin Bacon. As let’s discuss new careers. , and the return of Bama Rush Tok.

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