Adam Levine’s Tattoos: A Guide to the Singer’s Body Art

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Adam Levine is our modern version of the rock star. The vocals of Maroon 5 turned on a TV presenter The voice not only does he sound the part but he looks good too, with a body full of tattoos and a supermodel arm on his pregnant wife, Behati Prinsloo. Adam was recently accused of sexting a series of women, which some would say is a prerequisite to being a modern music icon. In a public apology, Adam admitted he had used “poor judgment” and claimed he was not having an affair. “However, I crossed the line during a miserable time in my life,” he added.

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Adam Levine has an impressive collection of tattoos. (Hahn Lionel/ABACA/Shutterstock)

While Adam does damage control, let’s take a closer look at his aforementioned body art. Perhaps we can find some insight into the current drama by exploring the meanings behind his ink. While doing this, it’s important to keep in mind that Adam recently trolled fans with a fake face tattoo, so we don’t want to fall for that again! In case you missed it, in December 2021, the “Moves Like Jagger” hitmaker cleared up any misunderstanding when he showed up to an event with a black rose on his temple! “This message is for my mom,” he wrote on his Instagram story at the time. “I don’t have a tattoo on my face. Those who know me know that I am very vain. I’m too vain to get a face tattoo.”

Let’s dive deep below!


The 43-year-old heartthrob was just 21 when he decided to get his first body treatment. The image is a pigeon on his upper right bicep. “It was my first tattoo,” he said people in 2013. “I was 21. It was five days after 9/11. I felt I had to say something with this peaceful thing on my body.

Ocean waves

By the time Adam reached his lower body, he was ready to use the entire canvas! In a video posted on his Instagram in March 2021, Adam sat for 13 hours over three days to have Japanese-style waves all over his left leg. Five months later, the daring artist returned to paint the other leg to match!


Adam, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, has one of his most notable tattoos on his stomach in the form of the word “California”. The word lingered above his navel. To show the meaning of his love for Southern California, Adam also has the word “Los Angeles” on his upper right bicep. “A simple case of hometown love,” he said people. “Not many people born and raised in LA get to wear that badge of pride.”


Perhaps even more evident than his leg wave tattoos in the massive design etched on his back. According to Adam’s Instagram post with the image of a mermaid/mermaid cradling a skull in her arms as a ship approaches, it was six months’ work between him and Brian Randolph of Spider Murphy’s Tattoo in California. Adam thanked Brian for “just blowing my mind with this!”


In flashbacks, Adam can be seen rocking a tiger tattoo on his right bicep and forearm long before he added any other ink to the area. “It was inspired by my love for this amazing book of Tibetan paintings,” he told the publication.

A shark

“I’ve always had a strange fascination with sharks. In fact, I think they are the most fascinating creatures on Earth,” he explained people in 2013. “I guess the tattoo has something to do with it.” The shark is depicted on the right side of his chest.

“True love”

In 2017, Adam took to his Instagram to share a photo of himself grabbing his wife’s back. On his fingers were letters that spelled out ‘true love’. It was quite a surprise as he said arms and legs were banned in 2013. “I don’t do below the waist. You can’t do the hands, that’s also sacred, that’s how things are done, I’m tied to my hands. I just can’t do hands,” he said people at this time.

Butterfly in a spider’s web

All eyes are usually on Adam’s face when he plays, so one of the most noticeable tattoos is the large butterfly in a spider web on the front of his neck. After Facebook and Instagram went on hiatus in October 2021, Adam revealed he used the time to get some more body ink, tagging a tattoo artist Natan Kostechko in his post. “A wise man once said… ‘when Instagram goes down… tattoo your throat…’ his name was @nathan_kostechko,” Adam wrote.

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