August 17, 2022

Beauty and the Geek’s Aaron and Carly win a $100,000 cash prize

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Aaron Seto and Carly Fischer were crowned winners of Beauty and the Geek — taking home the $100,000 cash prize

Aaron Sito and Carly Fischer have won Beauty and the Geek.

The 30-year-old pair were crowned winners by host Sophie Monk at Wednesday night’s nail-biting season finale.

Aaron and Carly defeated competitors Christopher and Brie and Anthony and Tegan to collect a whopping $100,000 in prize money.

Beauty and the Geek's Aaron Sito and Carly Fischer (pictured) have been voted the finale's winners as the pair take home $100,000 in prize money on Wednesday night

Beauty and the Geek’s Aaron Sito and Carly Fischer (pictured) have been voted the finale’s winners as the pair take home $100,000 in prize money on Wednesday night

The pair were overwhelmed with emotion soon after the victory.

“I don’t, I’m not usually emotional, but it’s needed in times like these,” said Aaron, tears in his eyes.

Carly said her heart ‘opened up’ after the win.

“It’s real. It wasn’t a dream. It happened. Guys, thank you so much for believing in us,” Carly said.

Aaron spoke about the huge jump in his confidence, revealing even geeks and beauties his ‘biggest insecurities’ – his false front teeth.

Aaron said, ‘I was so nervous going in, I had so much self-doubt, I didn’t believe in myself, and now it’s all closed.

“I have become so much more confident among the person that I was before, among the person I am now,” he said.

Aaron said that he would use the money to fix his teeth with extensive dental work.

The remaining three couples were forced to make a pitch at the show before the former contestants could vote on who should be crowned the winners.

Carly said that people often found her ‘too much’, but Aaron allowed her to be herself as the pair first met.

‘I think the hardest thing for me personally would be to come in and have a lot more. i didn’t want to scare you [Aaron],’ Carly said earnestly.

Aaron reflected on his loneliness, saying that he felt ‘lost’ and ‘timed out’ before entering the competition.

‘I felt like I was lost. I was 30 years old. I thought my time had run out. Every time I looked in the mirror I would see the average Aaron. Like, nothing special,’ he said.

She admitted that she was given a huge lifeline on Beauty and the Geek.

‘Before all this I was shy, I was very awkward,’ he said.

‘Carly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. You have just come into my life and influenced it in as positive a way as possible.’

Aaron said that now when he looks in the mirror he feels ‘wonderfully wonderful’ than he had seen ‘hotness’ and ‘sexiness’ in the mirror.

The pair’s bond was on full display during an earlier challenge in the episode, where they closed the Sky Suites tower in Green Square.

Aaron took the lead from the usually confident Carly, who was on the verge of a panic attack.

‘You’re fine, Carles. I love you so much,’ Aaron yelled at her. ‘You’ll be fine. I believe in you.’

Carly screamed as Aaron made a more composed slide down the rope.

The pair finally landed in the hotel pool to applause from their teammates.

Aaron said, ‘I am very proud of you.


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