August 17, 2022

Becky Vardy’s scathing comment about Coleen Rooney’s marriage troubles

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Becky Vardy has made a scathing comment about Coleen Rooney’s marriage troubles – despite insisting that “life is too short to be angry”.

Speaking for the first time since the High Court defeat last Friday, the 40-year-old has opened up about his friendship with Colleen before the Vagatha Christie libel battle.

Rebekah Vardy has spoken out for the first time since the Vagatha Christie trial


Rebekah Vardy has spoken out for the first time since the Vagatha Christie trialcredit: twitter/@talkTV

Asked if she offered Colleen a place to stay when she and husband Wayne were having problems, Becky giggles: “What time was it?”

He continues in an interview with The Sun: “I did. And that was real. An act of solidarity. To say, ‘Look, I’m here if you need me. What you’re going through. It’s terrible and I don’t want anyone to go through it.'”

Becky says: “It’s a bitter pill to swallow but life goes on. That’s not my beef. I don’t want people looking at me to think, ‘Well I did this for you so you should have done it for me’ .'”

Colleen and Becky were often seen together in the crowd when her husband played for England.

During the trial, one of Colleen’s witnesses claimed that former I’m A Celeb contestant Becky intentionally sat behind Liverpudlian in a 2016 Euro clash with Wales.

Her friend accused her of leaking stories at the end of a blatant message: “This . , , Rebekah Vardy’s account. ,

Despite a disastrous decision that cost millions of bakeries, she extended an olive branch to Colleen during the interview, saying: “I’ll take her out for a coffee.”

She says: “If I saw her on the street tomorrow, I would ask her if she would like to go to Café Nero.

“Life is too short to be angry and to hold grudges and bitterness. That’s not me. I’m not that person.”

Becky revealed that she has been hospitalized twice with mental health issues since the Vagatha Christie controversy began in October 2019.

She has seen a series of counselors and was given medication to ease her anxiety. Becky was later diagnosed with depression and was given anti-depressants – which she has now stopped.

Although she insists that she is innocent, the judge called her evidence “clearly inconsistent . . avoidable or implausible”.

However, England’s wife and Leicester City striker Jamie, 35, attacks Mrs Justice Karen Steyn – and says she was “slut-shamed” and bullied in a harsh court hearing.

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