August 17, 2022

Benny Blanco taps BTS, Snoop Dogg for ‘Bad Decision’

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Benny Blanco enlisted Snoop Dogg, and BTS members Jin, Jimin, V and Jung Kook for their new single “Bad Decision”. The single will appear on the producer’s upcoming third album, which is expected later this year.

Despite the title indicating unwanted choices, the song is an upbeat, flirtatious dance track in which the performers declare that they want to live with the will of “all the time”. And as Snoop explained in his poem “It is bad meaning bad, just as bad meaning good.”

TK in a video directed by Ben Sinclair

BTS members distribute the song’s soaring hook: “If you want my love / Come a little closer / Don’t make me wait / Let’s make some wrong decisions / I want you, oh baby, all the time / So me Give me all your kisses / I want you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, baby, every night.”

Snoop’s lines are punctuated with BTS’s enthusiastic “oh yeah” refrain. “Everybody sees me fly (oh yeah) / And I think I know the reason (oh yeah),,” he raps. “Cause I got you right here by my side / Oh yeah and I just can’t let you go away, I’m not okay if I’m not with you.”

While “Bad Decision” is the first time that Snoop, Jin, Jimin, V and Jung Kook have all teamed up with Blanco, it is the second time that Blanco and BTS have collaborated. Earlier in the year, they mashed up remixes of the group’s “Fake Love,” “Life Goes On,” and “Blood Sweat and Tears.”

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