August 15, 2022

Billy Joel jokes that he doesn’t have a glass eye – but he does have a wooden leg

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Billy Joel joked that “you could be right” If you think he has a wooden leg – but not a glass eye.

While playing one of his monthly shows at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night, the legendary rocker shared with viewers that he has “a leaky eye,” a result of not getting enough lubrication for one of his eyes.

Joel, 73, then reassured the crowd that he doesn’t have a glass eye — whatever they may have heard — but that he “has a wooden leg.”

The “Piano Man” warrior enthralled the sold-out crowd by playing his usual assortment of hits, along with a cover of The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life”. He later quipped that he had not written the song, “but I wish I had.”

Billy Joel.
Joel has been playing monthly concerts at MSG since 2014.
Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Bronx-born, Long Island-based musician also sang his 1983 hit “An Innocent Man,” telling the crowd that he wrote before his voice deepened with age. Joel also confessed that he wasn’t sure he’d be able to hit a certain high note now, “You’ll know what I’m talking about.”

“It could be a cringefest,” joked Joel before launching into the song.

Billy Joel with wife and daughters.
Joel has two daughters with wife Alexis Roderick.

The Grammy winner began their residency as a “house band” at Madison Square Garden in January 2014, but was forced to take a 21-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. since resuming concerts in November 2021, Joel has shown a markedly sweeping change, Lost 50 pounds.

The biggest excitement of the evening was reserved for “Piano Man” when Joel changed the lyrics and sang “It’s a Pretty Good Crowd for a Wednesday” instead of Saturday.

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