August 19, 2022

Build 42 with ‘Project Zomboid’ animals focusing on “extended survival” and crafting improvements

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Project Zomboid Developer The Indie Stone has shared more details about what Build 42 will bring to the game, including animals with “basic AI brains” and a whole lot of improvements to crafting.

one in blog shared yesterday (July 21), The Indie Stone shared that “one of the focus points of Build 42 is on its extended existence in the months and years beyond the initial Knox event outbreak.”

To that end, the studio is “improving” the post-apocalyptic game’s crafting system. This would allow crafted items to have “more RPG-like modifiable characteristics based on subsequent skill”, meaning an item’s stats would be affected by the creator’s relevant skill.

Project Zomboid.  Credits: Indie Stone.
Project Zomboid. Credits: Indie Stone.

Build 42 will have “domestic and wild animals, though with a fairly basic AI mind”. It will include chickens, sheep, deer and cows – some of which The Indie Stone previewed back in April.

The animals will be presented with a “quite realistic take on poultry-keeping,” which the developers say is based on their own experience raising chickens.

“If you have a hen house you have to lock its door every night when your kid has gone to settle down. Otherwise there is a very real chance of Fantastic Mr. Fox paying a visit and stealing something, and Potentially leave others dead in your pen,” warns Indie Stone.

These chickens will be able to produce eggs fresh for the players, which will be a useful source of fresh food for those players who survive long enough to eat through their tinned items.

Project Zomboid
Project Zomboid. Credits: Indie Stone.

Build 42 will also include “the game engine, MP system and all manner of other improvements to the general zombie survival and early game content”, as well as a thorough reworking of how fluids are stored – meaning Project Zomboid Will be “the most realistic bleach-drinking ever in gaming”.

However, it is noted that Build 42 is “still some way off” due to illness and that Build 41 continues to improve.

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