August 15, 2022

Candace Cameron Bure presents JoJo Siwa-themed art kit after feud

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Somebody has a good sense of humour.

Candace Cameron Bure reveals she received a JoJo Siwa-themed package in the mail after a feud with the “Dance Moms” alum.

“I found it really funny,” the “Full House” actress, 46, said in an Instagram Story on Thursday. “There’s a PR company that sent me a gift.”

Suppressing his laughter, Cameron Bure turns the camera to reveal that he was sent a Diamond Art Club The set, which has an image of 19-year-old Siwa.

“Coincidence? Just weird timing? I don’t know,” said the actress. “But, it looks really cute and when one of my granddaughters comes, we’re going to do it.”

Any beef between the pair seems to have been squashed as Siwa describes her fellow “Dancing With the Stars” alum as “the toughest celebrity.”

Candace Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure reveals she received a JoJo Siwa-inspired package after their feud.

“It was at this after-party that she didn’t want to take a picture with me,” Siwa – who described it as a “difficult experience” – detailed last month. “But then I turned, and when I looked back, she was taking pictures with the other kids.”

post from instagram story
A PR company sent her a funny gift, bearing a likeness to Siwa.

Cameron Bure later revealed in an Instagram post that he called the dancer to apologize for refusing to take pictures with him.

“I was shocked when I saw TikTok on Sunday,” the “Fuller House” star said, about the conversation she had with Siwa over the “fantastic” phone conversation.

jojo siwa
The “Dance Moms” alum was previously called “Full House” Star Rude.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

However, in a video obtained by Page Six, Siwa claimed that the actress did not tell the full story about her call.

She also said, “When you’re young and someone says something to you, and you never forget it as long as you live – I think we all have that moment – and I feel like That it was that moment for me.”

jojo siwa
Siwa called the experience “difficult” and said it was a moment she had been attached to for a long time.

In the midst of the social media storm, Cameron Burr turned to God and relentlessly quoted Bible verses.

Before reading an excerpt from Isaiah 12:2, she captioned an Instagram Story, “Scripture Memorial Day.”

“God is my salvation,” she said. “I will trust in him and will not be afraid. For he alone is my strength and my protector. He has become my savior.”

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