Coco Austin bathes her 6-year-old daughter Chanel in the sink and gets mixed reactions

Coco Austin’s time-saving hack is eye-catching.

The model sparked mixed reactions when she revealed that she sometimes bathes her 6-year-old daughter Chanel in the kitchen sink.

“The sink is easiest when you need to be quick,” Austin, 43, wrote Instagram video Thursday to the little one using her iPad in the makeshift bathtub.

The reality star continued to be shown curling her hair as she and Coco prepared for a fashion show by Patricia Fields, the little one’s ‘first as a gold digger’.

Although the footage continues with Chanel choosing her own outfit and smiling in their car, Austin’s followers can’t seem to shake the bathroom part blaring in the comments section.

“Yall [sic] still treat her like a baby,” wrote one Instagram user.

Coco Austin and daughter Chanel
Coco Austin bathes her daughter Chanel, 6, in the sink to save time.

Another added: “She should [sic] old to be in the sink.. that was really embarrassing to see.

However, other social media users gushed over Austin’s “deep” – and possibly expensive – sink and praised her “amazing” idea.

“The kitchen sink saves you back pain,” wrote one Ice Loves Coco follower.

A second noted: “Imagine how much water it actually saves. Also, you should never bend down to help her.”

Austin and her husband, Ice-T, have made headlines over the years for their controversial parenting decisions, from continuing to breastfeed Chanelle to pushing her in a stroller.

“The world loves to criticize literature [sic] Everything I do!” Austin tweeted after the latter went viral in May.

“Oh my god!! Really people?” she continued at the time. “Isn’t there war and mass shootings going on as we speak and you’d rather be messing with my motherhood? SMH.”

Ice-T and Coco Austin
Austin welcomed Chanel in 2015 with Ice-T.
Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald

Law & Order: SVU star Ice-T, 64, join, “MF have nothing else to say. All of them. smh lol.”

Austin similarly hit back at haters in August 2021, when her decision to breastfeed Chanel came under fire.

“Chanel still likes my breasts. Why should I take that away from her?” she explained to Us Weekly last year. “If she doesn’t want it, well, that’s where you stop it.”

The little one started first grade earlier this month and Austin said the milestone was “bittersweet” for them.


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