Constance Wu says she was sexually harassed by producer: He ‘scraped her crotch’

Contance Wu

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Constance Wu claims she was sexually harassed by a senior member of the production at Fresh off the boat. According to New York Times, on Crazy rich Asians The 40-year-old beauty makes the claims in her upcoming memoir Creating a scene. In one harrowing incident at a sporting event, the paper reported, he allegedly “placed his hand on her thigh, eventually touching her crotch”, after which she asked him to stop. HollywoodLife has reached out to the ABC for comment but has yet to hear back.

Contance Wu
Constance Wu at the premiere of ‘The Terminal List’ in Los Angeles on June 22, 2022 (Shutterstock)

Fresh off the boat was my first TV show,” she said. “I was thrown into this world. I don’t have parents in the industry. And because I was 30, people thought I knew what I was doing. It made me paranoid and embarrassed.” put on’. They eventually fell out after an argument, according to the publication, and stopped talking.

per Diversityat the Atlantic Festival on Friday, September 23, at Crooks the actress explained why she didn’t speak up sooner. “I kept my mouth shut for a very long time about a lot of sexual harassment and intimidation that I received in the first two seasons of the show,” she said. “Because after the first two seasons, after it was successful, after I was no longer afraid that I would lose my job, then I was able to start saying no to harassment, no to intimidation, from this particular producer. And so I thought, “you know what? I did it, no one has to know, I don’t have to tarnish the reputation of this Asian-American producer, I don’t have to tarnish the reputation of the show.’

Fresh off the boat
Picture from “Fresh Off The Boat” (Everett)

The revelations come after Constance made a heartbreaking admission in July following backlash for some controversial tweets about her dislike of the show being renewed in 2019. She returned to the platform with a lengthy message about the debacle and how it affected her. “I haven’t been on social media in almost 3 years,” she tweeted on July 14. I was gone, I wrote a book called Creating a scene. It’s hard to talk about this next part…but I was afraid to go back on social media because I almost lost my life to it.”

She went on to explain that her “untimely” feelings were related to “another project that I was really passionate about.” She also apologized, writing that the tweets were “not nice and I’m sorry for that.”

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