August 19, 2022

CPAC gives standing ovation to autocrat who bashed ‘mixed-caste’ societies a week ago

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The Conservative Political Action Conference opened its arms to one of Europe’s most notorious autocrats on Thursday, giving Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán a prominent speaking position on the first day of the major right-wing gathering. Orban, who recently won re-election for a fourth term, has led a nationalist regime based on racism, seizing control of the press, and catering to the powerful. In other words, this is what Republicans want for the United States.

Orban talked about railing against taxation, refugees and gender for just over 30 minutes on Thursday. He stood up and applauded several times, perhaps none more so, after speaking out about protecting gay families. “Hungary will defend the institution of marriage and the union of a man and a woman,” he said. “Family relations will be based on marriage or the relationship between parents and children. Mother is a woman. Father is a man. Leave our children alone. Full stop. End of discussion.”

He garnered a lot of applause even after cursing globalism. “Now the West is at war with itself,” he said of how the West drove out the Nazis and the Soviet Union. “We’ve seen what kind of future the global ruling class has to offer. We have a different kind of future in mind. Globalists can all go to hell; I’ve come to Texas.”

Orban, during a speech in romania Last week, he announced “we don’t want to be mixed-race people”, prompting his longtime adviser – who called the speech “pure Nazi text” – to quit. He also spoke at a CPAC conference in Hungary in May, stating that Hungary is “the laboratory where we have managed to come up with an antidote to progressive dominance”, before noting that other countries, including the US, need their Leadership must follow. he also unveiled a point-by-point playbook Here’s how to do it, which reads like a list of MAGA ideals (“except for the part about needing to read every day”). It should come as no surprise, then, that former President Trump welcomed Orban into the White House in 2019, praising him for the “tremendous work” he had done with Hungary.

Trump also met with Orban this week, Writing on Truth Social That it was “so nice to spend time with my friend.”

Orban’s appeal extends far beyond Trump. Tucker Carlson is such a fan that he has traveled to Hungary on several occasions, and earlier this year issued a special compliment on how he has kept refugees out of Hungary at billionaire philanthropist George Soros. As Trump and Carlson go, so does the Republican Party. The major conservative convention rolling out the red carpet for an autocrat who just a week ago crushed the idea of ​​a “mixed-race” society is a terrifying sign of just how bad the GOP’s control of the country can be. Orban ended his speech on Thursday with an encouraging call for the party to do the same.

“You have midterm elections this year, and then presidential and congressional elections in ’24,” he said. “We will hold elections to the European Parliament in the same year. These two places will define two fronts in the battle for Western civilization. Today we have neither of these, yet we need both of them. You have them ready.” There are two years to happen.”

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