August 19, 2022

Dolly Parton makes a cameo in US comedy series ‘The Orville’: “What an Honor”

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Dolly Parton recently made a surprise appearance on an episode of the US comedy the orville,

star trek cheat, from family Guy Producer Seth MacFarlane saw the iconic singer appear as a hologram version of himself, greeting the alien character Havina in a simulation.

On the Orville ship, Havina was directed to the simulation room, where she was soon moved to a comfortable cabin.

Parton then appeared before him, and said: “Here you are! Welcome, come in. Do not be shy.”

Havina initially fell to her knees in amazement, to which the singer exclaimed: “Oh come on, don’t you bow down to me. I’m not all that. I can’t even believe I’m there.”

Eventually, the singer admitted to having a computer program created from historical records, but said: “I may not be real, but I am still Dolly.”

As the pair settled for heart-to-heart, Parton shared a real-life anecdote about a childhood injury before delivering the message: “If you do the right things in the here and now, there’s a chance to take the near future.” One way is to take care of yourself.”

Dolly Parton on The Orville
Dolly Parton on ‘The Orville’. credit: Disney+ Screenshots

To end the scene, Dolly takes out her guitar and sings her song ‘Try’.

“What an honor the orville With Seth MacFarlane and Reina Owen (who plays Havina),” Parton tweeted After the episode aired.

“I may be as old as tomorrow, but with this new technology they make me look like new yesterday! I really hope fans enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.”

Fans were also delighted with the cameo, along with a Twitter user Writing: “Someone else was surprised to see Dolly Parton the orville tonight? I just love that woman.”

Another tweeted: “They fucking got Dolly Parton on #Orville?!!??!?!?! What!!!!!! Baap Re”

In other news, it was recently announced that Parton would star in a Christmas film for NBC, titled Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas,

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