August 17, 2022

Easy Life tells fans to “wait a while” as the release of their album is delayed by months

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Easy Life has announced that their album release date is delayed by months. The band shared a post on Instagram today (July 21) telling fans about the push-back release date.

The Leicester band had previously said that their upcoming second album ‘Maybe in Another Life’ would be due out next month.

“The look on your face when our album kicks back” he shared in the post. “We can’t wait to share this new music with you, but I’m afraid we’ll have to wait a little longer. The new release date is October 7. We’re going to have the UK Record Store Tour and the US Tour going forward as well so that it can all fit together.”

The band also stated that they would announce new dates “soon” and added that they “sorry to everyone who has already purchased tickets.”

“I promise it’s worth the wait,” he continued, before making a joke in reference to the album’s title: “Maybe in another month…”

Earlier this month Easy Life shared a single, ‘OTT’, featuring New Zealand singer Benny. The track was the latest preview of his upcoming record. Of the song, frontman Murray Matravers said: “Life’s easy like most things,” remarks Murray, “there’s still that element of optimism: Maybe with enough care and attention, something can be done. Benny puts it.” Crushed – her voice is like water and she is a true queen of melody.”

In May, the band shared a new collaboration, ‘Dear Miss Holloway’, which featured former Brockhampton member Kevin Abstract.

Discussing his collaboration with Abstract and joining him on stage at Glastonbury 2022, the Matreverse said: “He’s just a very inspiring friend; I was lucky to have him when we last met him in LA.

“We thought it would be amazing to bring him out, so we flew him in and blessed him, he forgot every word. But it was fun watching him walk across the stage.”

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