August 19, 2022

Families thrown in massive Disney World brawl!

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A brawl broke out inside Walt Disney World this week, as two families took turns fighting in front of a Peter Pan flight.

The video of the fight quickly spread on social media, showing the ongoing fight between two families. A group is dressed in matching outfits and appears in the park to celebrate the birthday of a young child.

Guests, Disney employees, and members of each family try several times to isolate the brawlers. A person is dragged and dropped in a clear section. He calmly walks up to a woman looking in the other direction and punches her in the face.

A parkgoer who witnessed the fight told Fox 35 that it took several minutes for safety to respond to the fight.

“I don’t know what led to this brawl. We arrived at it, and it seemed like it took about two minutes for the two security personnel to arrive. About five minutes later, the representatives arrived,” he said. Ghost. posted by

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