August 19, 2022

G-Eazy and Jeff Staples reveal apparent love affair with sneakers and The Hustle

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Life doesn’t slow down, even when you’re on top like rapper G-Eazy and streetwear designer Jeff Staples. in one exclusive interview for newsThe two become candid about their love for sneakers, making art, and building their respective empires in streetwear and music.

For Staples, who just closed second major day, an in-person and app event for exclusive merchandise and collection drops, was no predicted success. “I was never the most talented, never the richest, but I worked my a** off,” he tells G-Easy. Before the start of its now cult-following brand, Staples started out like probably any young entrepreneur. He found himself sneaking into print facilities, producing graphic tees, and later gifting them as a means of free advertising. Staples confessed, “Me and a homie left the silkscreen lab window open and we would break and make T-shirts all night.”

But this was just the beginning for the young business mogul. “I also believe that there is a means to an end. What is an endgame? Am I just trying to win today’s battle? Or is there a 10- or 20-year vision?” Staples asks. Now, after celebrating 25 years of success, he’s sitting at the center of a streetwear-obsessed culture, hungry to create more.

“It’s refreshing to meet a guy I’ve seen that still has a level of humility and enthusiasm at these things. You don’t seem tired. You still enjoy getting that first phone call and that opportunity.” ,” G-Easy tells Staples.

G-Eazy and Jeff Staples

Courtesy of Footwear News by Justin Bateman

The same energy and charisma can be said of the award-winning musician, who launched his first OneOf. Collecting NFTs in partnership with Back in April of 2022, and busy planning Performing at Big E Arena this september. “It is important to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening, and right now, we live in a rapidly evolving world with the NFT space and the way currency is changing, the way we authenticate art forms and then Share and exchange and trade,” comments G-Easy.

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When it comes to their music, the pair agree that they don’t pretend to be anything other than authentic, and are a bit niche at times. “There is a certain enigma to beautiful art in that it should not be understood by everyone,” G-Eazy says as two palaver on what is misunderstood. “I’ve fought that battle within my music over the years, whether it’s the label or my manager being like, ‘I think you’re passionate about this, I don’t get it. Maybe it’s not for me.’ And I’m like, ‘Maybe it isn’t, but it is for me, and for that reason I have to get it out of my soul and give it to the world.'” But G-Eazy, kind of a constant staple of the same love Creating understands the power of collaboration. “What’s the point of being a team if you never listen to them?”

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Watch the full interview as the power couple dive into their world, think about them top five favorite sneakers of all timeand discuss their love affair for the hustle.

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