August 19, 2022

Gangster rapper Tr3yway6k bastard caught packed out with his girlfriend!

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Tr3yway6K, a gangsta rapper from South Los Angeles and a known associate of a street gang named Hoover, was recently jumped over by a group of rivals at a Chevron gas station in his hometown. Initially, there were reports that the “Big Hommy Lil Hommy” rapper was shot dead, but thankfully, he managed to survive the on-camera scuffle without any significant injuries, and it didn’t seem like a confrontation. No gunshot was fired during the Days after the fight, a smiling Tr3yway6K took to Instagram Live to celebrate his escape and to make sure his fans were healthy, happy and in good spirits following the news of his alleged passing. “Let me break it down,” Tr3yway6K explained. “I go to the gas station…I come out and [my rivals] are out there…so you know what i do y’all? on dead homies… i get off n* ggas in them… we get to locking up… i beat [one of them up]as i beat [him] UP, [more of my rivals] Pull up and start packing me out… They packed me; what can i do? I moved on… the moral of the story is, I’m scratch-free, [still] Same n*gga. It happened like two days ago… it was like four or five [of my rivals]And I stood my ground.” Posted by abdul.

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