August 18, 2022

“I Shot That N—-119 Times” Mississippi Police Chief Fired After Leaking Racist Recordings Killing 13 People and Bragging About Shooting a Black Suspect!

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LEXINGTON, Miss. (WLBT) — A former Lexington police chief has been out of a job after the Board of Aldermen voted to remove him on a narrow vote. In a special meeting on Wednesday, the board voted 3-2 to oust embattled Chief Sam Dobbins, days after a racist recording was said to have been made public.

Robert Lee Hooker, a former Lexington officer, recorded about 16 minutes. He says the recording is a conversation between him and Dobbins that took place in April. One person on the recording, called Hooker Dobbins, used a number of abusive words, and several racial adjectives/derogatory terms, and bragged about having shot a suspect at least 119 times. Hooker resigned from the department last week, citing a toxic work environment. Lexington Mayor Robin McCrory did not want to be interviewed, but said the leaked audio led to the dismissal of Dobbins.
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