August 15, 2022

John Legend Says Kanye West Is ‘What You Get’ While Discussing Fumbling Friendship

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John Legend insists Kanye West that what you see is “much more than what you get.” During a recent interview, the singer discussed the rapper and entrepreneur’s public antics — and how West’s political ambitions and support for Donald Trump affected their long-standing friendship.

During a conversation with David Axelrod – former chief strategist and adviser to Barack Obama – on his podcast, ax filesSpeaking about the controversial rapper, Legend said that there isn’t much about West that the public doesn’t already know. “I think she’s very open about who she is and her struggles with mental health and she’s very real, honestly,” Legend said. , whom he’s dealing with… I don’t think he’s a different person in private than in public. I think you’re seeing the real Kanye in public.”

In that light, it’s perhaps not surprising that the West’s outspoken support of Trump and his presidential ambitions in 2020 — reportedly aided partly by Republican operatives — is reportedly trying to snatch votes from Joe Biden. Were – caused a major rift between West and Legend.

“We’re not as friends as we used to be because honestly, I think, we publicly disagreed on Trump running for office, supporting him,” Legend said. “I think honestly maintaining our friendship has become too much for us. He was upset that I didn’t support his run for [the] The presidency of the United States for understandable reasons… I wasn’t alone in that, but, you know, he wasn’t happy with it, and we haven’t really been close since.

In an interview with 2020 rolling stone music now Podcast, Legend explained how he viewed the West’s relationship with politics. While some of West’s earlier work was inspired by the conscious rap of the nineties/early 2000s, Legend said that they rarely talked about politics when they were coming together, so they really didn’t have to. There was never a strong understanding of what the West really believed.

“I am not aware of his inner thoughts about his political development,” Legend said. “Of course I know the same proclamations and texts and tweets that everybody in the world has seen. And everybody saw us message each other And was talking about it, but I don’t know where he is politically, and I didn’t know when we were together.

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