August 15, 2022

Joy Behar reveals she had ectopic pregnancy in 1979, ‘almost died’

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Joy Behar describes an ectopic pregnancy that occurred in 1979 while discussing an abortion ban on “The View” Wednesday.

“I almost died,” the 79-year-old comedian told co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Sunny Hostin and Sarah Haines.

After explaining that an ectopic pregnancy occurs when an embryo “is growing in a fallopian tube,” she said that it “may have developed enough for the tube to burst”. [and] … you bleed internally, and then you die.”

Behr said he was “taken to the hospital” during his experience.

“The doctor said the next day, ‘We almost lost you,'” she recalled. “I was in a position where I could go to Beth Israel Hospital, and they took care of it there.”

Joy Bihari
The comedian “nearly died” during the experience.
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When asked by Hasselbach, 45, the former “Joy Behar” host clarified that her ectopic pregnancy was “not a miscarriage” and “not a miscarriage.”

Behr criticized Herschel Walker and more Republican politicians who supported the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade reversal in June, saying, “What are these people thinking when they talk about a mother’s health? … , they cannot be in a position of power.”

Sarah Haines, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin
Behr shares her story as she and her co-hosts discuss the abortion ban.
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Nine years after her ectopic pregnancy, the former “Late Night Joy” host welcomed daughter Eve, 51, with her then-husband, Joe Behr.

Eve is now a ceramic artist – although Joy tried to persuade her to pursue a career in TV after graduating from college.

“I understand, Why Not Use Nepotism, Everyone does,” Joy joked on a January episode of the ABC talk show. “But he said ‘No, I don’t like it.’

Joy said Eve has always been “very independent” since childhood.

“She just wouldn’t want to wear pants” [as a id] When it was two degrees outside!” Khushi explained. “I gave her a double leotard and a skirt and she wanted to be like that.”

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