August 15, 2022

Katie Price fuels Carl Woods rumors as she parties at Christina Aguilera without him

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Katy Price has fueled rumors that she has split from Carl Woods after she attended a Christina Aguilera concert without him.

The 44-year-old former glamor model was seen singing along to the Dirty Hitmakers track at the Top of her Lungs at 02 Arena last night.

Katie Price Enjoys Night Out With Friends at Christina Aguilera Concert


Katie Price Enjoys Night Out With Friends at Christina Aguilera Concertcredit: Instagram / marcelloferi
Former glamor model tells strangers she and Carl Woods are 'over'


Former glamor model tells strangers she and Carl Woods are ‘over’credit: instagram/rosumfraser

Katie was joined by Ros Fraser and Marcelo Ferri, who sat down with the rest of the audience.

Katie’s fiancé Karl was not present and she was telling strangers that they had broken up despite still wearing her engagement ring.

A source told The Sun: “Katie was having a great time at the Christina Aguilera concert last night.

“She was out with friends and seemed in good spirits because her relationship remains up in the air.”

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Karl Woods fuels Katie Price rumors as he goes without her for bashing

He continued: “She was laughing and enjoying the evening after Karl went out alone earlier this week.

“Karl wasn’t there and Katie was telling strangers it was over between the pair — but still wearing her engagement ring.”

This comes after Carl added fuel to reports of his split from Katie as he made a rare public appearance last night without her.

The 33-year-old was spotted at a celeb bash, just days after he insisted he was still with the mum of five.

The on/off couple has left fans speculating that they went out together earlier in the week — with Katie coming back a few days after wearing her engagement ring.

In a video shared over the weekend, Carl said the reports they were “full of s**t” and that they deserve recognition for taking care of Katie.

In his video outside Katie’s house, Carl said: “You know something, you wanna know the truth? I’m the best f*****g friend ever. And I’m the one who s**t suffers.” Hey, none of you know what’s going on. I support this woman in everything.

“I’m the one who gets the flake, no one else. So no, we ain’t broke, I’m still at his house sf**k with your bulls**t because you know nothing and you Let’s play.”

It comes after The Sun reported how Katie was enjoying a lonely night in Brighton with Carl after returning from his getaway from Thailand, when he began talking about his relationships with strangers.

One viewer said, “Katie was letting her hair down and telling people her engagement with Carl is over.”

“She said the couple had been rowing non-stop on vacation when they decided to call it a day when they returned home.

The two got engaged last year after a 10-month romance – making Carl her eighth fiancé.

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