August 19, 2022

Kieran Heller’s fiancé takes brutal swipe at Katie Price after court battle

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Katie Price has been slammed by her ex’s new fiancé in a brutal social media post.

Michelle Pentecost, who is engaged to Katie’s ex-husband Kieran Heller, mocked Katie’s upbringing on Instagram, saying the way she lives her life is “crazy.”

Called Katie Price's life 'crazy'


Called Katie Price’s life ‘crazy’credits: PA
Kieran Heyler with her fiance Michelle


Kieran Heyler with her fiance Michellecredit: Instagram

The post – which has now been deleted – questioned Katie’s upbringing of her five children and her lifestyle.

Katie is banned from contacting Michelle after an incident at the school playground.

The reality star was slapped with a five-year order in 2019 after she called Michelle a “f***ing c***” at the school gate.

She was denied contact with Michelle “directly or indirectly” – but admitted to breaking it off with a ‘despicable’ text message earlier this year.

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He messaged Kieran: “Piece of your c******* w***e, s**t, girlfriend not to get started on me” and to Michelle as “a gutter s*** “Branded.

Katie accepted the charge at Lewis Crown Court for breaching the terms of the order in a major U-turn, which had previously been dismissed in Magistrates’ Court.

Despite a judge’s warning that she was “at risk” of going to prison, she went to prison.

The ex-glam model, who smiled as she walked off the dock, could face up to five years in prison for violating a restraining order.

Instead Katie was handed a community order of 18 months, 170 hours of unpaid work and a cost of £1,500.

Speaking after the sentencing, a spokesperson for Kieran and Mitchell said: “We are incredibly disappointed with the outcome of today’s court hearing.

“We think the custodial sentence may have sent the right message to the public, given the gravity of the humiliation of Miss Price.”

Later, Michelle told The Sun, “We don’t really live that far from Kate. I guess; she knows where we live now. She didn’t for years, which was good.

“Now some incidents have happened to us. Once she came unannounced.

“She wanted to talk to me but I just didn’t open the door. That was just before Covid, when she had a restraining order.

“When I was about seven months pregnant she said she expected the baby to be born either dead or disabled.

“Seven months you’re at a pretty crucial time, all the hormones, it’s tough enough.

“Given that he has Harvey, that was actually quite upsetting.

“This behavior is bullying, and given that he is an advocate for mental health, he is a hypocrite.”

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