August 19, 2022

Love Island star pays tribute to dad killed in 60mph crash with Kem’s car

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Tributes are being paid to the dad-of-one killed in a 60 mph crash with Chem Cetinay’s Mercedes G wagon.

Tommy Griggs died yesterday when his motorcycle crashed into the Love Island Star’s 4×4 near Hornchurch.

Tommy Griggs leaves behind one year old daughter


Tommy Griggs leaves behind one year old daughterCredits: Amba Davis – Facebook
Those who paid tribute to the 28-year-old motorcyclist kept pouring in


Those who paid tribute to the 28-year-old motorcyclist kept pouring incredit: Colin Jack
Tommy Love Island star Kem Cetinay's 4x4 .  crashed into


Tommy Love Island star Kem Cetinay’s 4×4 . crashed intocredit: Dan Jones – The Sun

Messages circulating online for the biker today described him as “brother to the other”, while “TOMMY RIP” is sprinkled on the ground inside a blue graffiti heart at the crash site.

The 28-year-old has left behind a daughter whose first birthday was just last week.

On impact, Tommy was tossed 20 feet into the air before landing directly on the tarmac.

Though emergency services reached the spot, unfortunately they could not save his life.

Kem Cetinay in 60mph Smash Who Killed Biker After Hitting Him 20 Feet
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A friend, Phil MG Smith, posted a tribute on Facebook with pictures of flowers at the crash site and a video of the balloon floating in the air.

In the caption he wrote: “It’s for you my brother the other one, we all miss you it doesn’t even seem real, one loves my brother and is comfortable.”

Phil wrote, “Love you my brother forever and always”.

The mother of Tommy’s baby shared another heartbreaking post remembering the father of her baby girl.

Amba Davis posted photos of the little family to Facebook daily mail,

She wrote the caption: “The last 4 years haven’t been the easiest but you have given me the best gift anyone can give me.

“She loves you so much Tommy and I’m going to tell her about you every single day and I’ll make sure she makes you so proud!”

He then said: “You have my heart Thomas Roy Griggs. May you rest in eternal peace.”

At the scene, a note on a bouquet of flowers read: “Tommy brother I can’t believe this happened because I’m disappointed. Love you forever Broskey.”

Another says “RIP Brothers Sleep Easy” and a lantern reads “Brothers for Life, Tommy”.

TV personality Kem was “hurt” by the shock collision, as video footage revealed his reactions in the moments after the accident.

The celeb is assisting with police inquiries and his £123,000 G-wagon can be seen at the crash site, with its bumper hanging.

Witnesses said Kem narrowly escaped, but was “deeply shaken” after the accident that happened just a few yards from a restaurant in Harold Wood, Romford.

It is being told that when Tara was coming down, the motorcyclist collided with Kem’s car after trying to overtake the cars going on a hill.

One witness told The Sun: “I feel for him. He saw someone die before his eyes.

“We all recognized him. He was talking to someone on the phone that some sabotage had happened and he was worried.

“He was in complete shock.”

He continued: “They didn’t do anything wrong. There were about six witnesses and we all saw what happened.

“The biker had overtaken us all and ended up on the wrong side of the road when he collided with Kem’s car at about 60mph on a 30mph road.

“The driver of the motorbike flew about 20 feet into the air before hitting the road.”

Chem’s motor, including its bumper, was found damaged at the scene last night.

Local Marcelo Torres, 48, said: ‘There are still motorcycle parts on the road.

“They also got an air ambulance but by then it was too late.”

The horrific accident happened just 800 yards from the presenter’s Romford bar array, which he calls his “greatest achievement”.

Chem, who is worth £4.3million, and has been signed on as Primark’s first menswear ambassador, lives close to the scene in a £1.5million Essex estate.

The star is shocked by the ordeal and is left “devastated”, according to friends.

A statement issued by Chem’s representative said: “Kem was involved in a road traffic accident near his home in the Brentwood area at approximately 11.30 a.m. this morning (Thursday).

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“Sadly, a motorcyclist died in the collision. Chem is assisting the police and is being treated thoroughly as a witness to the incident.

“Kem will not comment further on this matter to express his deepest condolences, prayers and sympathies to the family and friends of the motorcyclist.”

Amba Davis posts emotional tribute to biker on Facebook


Amba Davis posts emotional tribute to biker on Facebookcredit: Facebook – Amba Davis
Flowers have been left at the scene


Flowers have been left at the scenecredit: Colin Jack
A lantern remembers Tommy as a brother


A lantern remembers Tommy as a brothercredit: Colin Jack
tribute is being paid


tribute is being paidcredit: Paul Edwards
Family and friends can't believe this sad news


Family and friends can’t believe this sad newscredit: Colin Jack
The accident happened at Shepherd's Hill near Harold Wood Essex


The accident happened at Shepherd’s Hill near Harold Wood Essexcredit: Paul Edwards
Kem Cetinay and Amber Davis were a couple on Love Island


Kem Cetinay and Amber Davis were a couple on Love Islandcredit: Rex Features

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