August 15, 2022

Machine guns vandalized Kelly’s tour bus with homophobic ghoul

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Machine Gun Kelly’s tour bus was vandalized Thursday with a graphic image and homophobic slur ahead of her show in Omaha, Nebraska, Page Six can confirm.

Photos circulating online showed the “Emo Girl” singer’s red bus marked with the words “Rap Devil F–T” in yellow on one side and an image of a large penis ejaculating on the other side of the vehicle. it was done. ,

A spokesman for the Omaha Police exclusively tells Page Six that no arrests have been made yet, but that the incident is under active investigation.

“An official report was made and will be handed over to a detective for follow-up,” says the Public Information Officer.

Omaha police officers say the bus has been returned to its normal state because “all the spray paint was easily removed and there was no permanent damage to the tour bus.”

It is unclear whether charges will be filed, but the PIO also states that it will be up to the leasing bus company, the Russell Coach Company, to decide whether they want to do so.

“Technically, since they are the owners of the vehicle, it will be up to them whether they want to charge or not,” the official says. “When the case is assigned to one of our detectives, they will contact the Russell Koch Company and if they choose to deny the allegations to the press, the case will not be investigated further.”

A photo of MGK's damaged tour bus.
“Rap Devil”, which was written on MGK’s Bus, is one of their songs.
Leona Drake

The vandalism took place outside CHI Health Center Omaha, where Kelly is scheduled to demonstrate in a few hours. It is not clear whether he will still be on the stage.

A photo of MGK's damaged tour bus.
A homophobic slur was featured on one of MGK’s buses alongside their latest tour stop.
Leona Drake

A representative for the “Bloody Valentine” singer did not immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

On Wednesday, Kelly showed off her colorful lineup of tour buses on her Instagram Stories.

A photo of MGK's damaged tour bus.
A wide-ranging view of MGK’s vandalized bus shows a penis pulled over it.
Leona Drake

He proudly wrote on the clip, “Taking the Power Rangers to Omaha,” as he recorded a series of parked buses painted yellow, red, green and blue.

MGK, who is linked to Megan Fox, has not addressed the homophobic attack against her on social media.

Machine guns Kelly and Megan Fox holding hands.
MGK proposed to Megan Fox in early 2022.
gc images

As the “Rap Devil” singer begins her “Mainstream Sellout” tour this summer, there have been a few instances that have gone awry.

During one of his first shows in Detroit on June 3, a prop helicopter he uses to fly across the stage experiences some turbulence, according to loudwire,

Then in July, a fan groped her When he was performing after his star-studded concert in Los Angeles in Portland, Oregon.

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