August 17, 2022

‘Magic: The Gathering’ expansion ‘Dominaria United’ drops in September

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Wizards of the Coast has unveiled its latest Magic the Gathering Expansion, Dominaria UnitedSeptember 9th release confirmed.

Today (July 21) revealed during his special twitch streamThe company shared an in-depth look at the expansion that will also celebrate MagicIt’s 30th anniversary.

Dominaria is the setting for the first askedc is release, so it’s only fitting it does return. β€œ30 years ago, a high fantasy plane set the stage for the battle of the Titans of the planesmen and wizards,” explained the Wizards. β€œIt was filled with elves and ghosts and dragons and angels spread across beautiful landscapes where cracks of enchantment could be heard. Provocative and inviting, the rich depths of the stories were just beginning to be told.”

dominaria united
Magic the Gathering. credit: Wizards of the Coast

Dominaria United The story begins on August 10 and will follow Karna as he looks to Dominaria’s past to prepare for his future. The story will unfold in four sets, starting with the 30th anniversary expansion.

To make the event more special, wizards are also adding to it Dominaria United Collector
Boosters, which will feature cards from the physical legend boosters that were originally printed in 1994. These cards, and others that have not yet been revealed, will only appear in Dominaria United Collector Booster.

Additionally, each booster in the set, draft and collector boosters will feature a Legendary card, featuring a cast of characters that longtime fans will recognize. The set also includes over 40 giant creatures.

The company also said that when its Wizards Presents showcase begins on August 18, ” Dominaria United The story will be done” and it will share even more previews. The broadcast will also show upcoming releases for Magic the Gathering And Dungeons & Dragons, The Wizards will also give a first look at the upcoming Magic the Gathering release for secret lair And universe beyond,

In other news, Pokemon has announced that it is taking a hiatus from content creation.

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