August 17, 2022

Maya Hawke, 24, looks exactly like mom Uma Thurman on the cover of As If magazine

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Like mother, like daughter.

Maya Hawke is a spitting image of her A-list mom Uma Thurman cover of ace if magazineAs seen in the exclusive first look on the latest issue of Page Six Style.

Modeling looks range from sexy to sophisticated, the 24-year-old “Stranger Things” actress bears a striking resemblance to 52-year-old Thurman, as her own stunning features, bright blue eyes and dark blonde bob command attention.

Although Maya certainly inherited Thurman’s great genes, the Hollywood scion — whose father is major Ethan Hawke — said the “Pulp Fiction” star also lauded her for the great outdoors.

Maya Hawke on the cover of Ace If Magazine
Maya Hawk features her famous mother, Uma Thurman, on the cover of Ace If magazine.
Tatijana Shon for As If Magazine

“My mother really introduced me to nature. My mother is an extraordinary gardener. All the nature references you hear on the record come from her and her relationship up to New York,” said the singer-songwriter, whose sophomore LP, “Moss,” drops in September.

“My mom has a kind of mystical sensibility when it comes to nature and it continues to be an incredibly grounding force in my life. I mean, she made me a Nature Girl,” she continued.

Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke posing at the red carpet event
Maya, who has inherited Thurman’s look, told the publication that her mother also abandoned her love for nature.
Corbis via Getty Images

“Once when I was a little kid on the school bus, some girls asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I told them I wanted to be a farmer! I also collected the dead preserved insects that come in the glass box!”

Meanwhile, Maya said that her famous father is responsible for her passion for music.

“He is a wonderful musician and a lover of music. You know, my parents’ divorce was interesting and difficult in many ways, but one amazing thing that came out of it is that we don’t take each other lightly,” she Said, considering the division of film stars in medieval times.

Maya Hawke in Ace If Magazine
Maya tells Ace If she is in awe of Thurman’s “mysterious sensitivity”.
Tatijana Shon for As If Magazine

“Every weekend is a special weekend because a high value is placed on the time spent together. You no longer have a sense of infinite time; you quickly realize that it is borrowed time,” she continued.

“So, when I was with my dad, we used to spend a lot of time together playing guitar, singing songs, writing poetry, and late at night. He was figuring out how to fully connect with the baby. I was that kid who had no interest in sports so he had to engage with me in a creative way. That’s where my relationship with art formed, art is a means of communication.”

Maya and Ethan Hawke hugging each other at an event
The 24-year-old “Stranger Things” star’s father is Hollywood heavyweight Ethan Hawke.
Bruce Glickas/FilmMagic

Maya’s As If feature was a creative collaboration with interdisciplinary artist Grimnesa Amoros and editor-in-chief Tatijana Schone, who also served as photographer.

To achieve the dark but supernatural feel for shooting Maya, Amoros used LED tubing structures and light in organic forms, which he controlled via computer systems, allowing him to choreograph the light in various colors and shades. got permission.

Additionally, Amoros sculpted the Maya by wrapping them in custom-made tubing structures as Shn faded away.

Maya told As If, “I researched Grimnessa prior to my shoot and a big theme of my records is the interior lighting in terms of the video landscape I want to create, the visuals and the music for my records.”

“Interestingly, I wasn’t aware of the subject until I finished it. I have lines about swallowing the moon and glowing in the dark—I want to express the importance of the light within you.” I’m trying to,” she elaborated.

“So, when I saw the art that was planned for the shoot, I knew I had to do it because it felt intertwined.”

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