August 18, 2022

Meet Love Island USA’s Season 1 Blast: ‘Tarzan’ Tyler

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A new explosion enters the villa!

Islander Tyler sneaks into “Love Island USA” on Friday — and Page Six has an exclusive first look at the long-haired hottie’s arrival.

At the start of a new day, the hard-bodied hunk welcomes the islanders by chilling poolside, leaving many women speechless.

Deb, who is excited about a new romantic prospect, says in a confession, “How did the ‘Love Island’ gods know what I really needed?”

The blonde beauty is currently single after her first partner, Jessie, recently reunited with newcomer Valerie.

“It’s like those grow-a-boyfriends where you like to bring him to the store, you put him under water and he grows,” she adds.

“That’s what happened. Maybe the expression really works.”

tyler love island usa
Tyler shook things up in a special preview for the new episode of Page Six’s Friday’s “Love Island USA.”
Love Island USA/YouTube

But Deb isn’t the only girl in Villa who’s been charmed by Tyler’s good looks — and the boys are taking notice.

At one point, Zetta – who seems to be happily reuniting with Timmy – places her hands on the new boy’s sculpted shoulder. “I just wanted to counter a feeling!” She believes.

“Okay, that’s the bang right there!” Excites Maddie, who has already formed a solid relationship with Andy.

Obviously, Andy feels threatened by Tyler’s presence.

“There’s this guy with really good hair. I’m like, ‘Is he going to pick my girl?'” the self-proclaimed “mama’s boy” tells the camera. “Game on, I guess.”

Girls are instantly charmed by Tyler’s good looks – and one man even compares the long-haired hottie to Tarzan.
Love Island USA/YouTube

With his long locks and fit physique, an islander can’t help but note Tyler’s resemblance to an iconic fictional character.

“You look like Tarzan!” Jesse tells him, to which a flattered Tyler replies, “Appreciate that, man.”

“Tarzan” Tyler proceeds to swing through the villa, involuntarily kissing several women during a steamy outdoor game.

Jesse – who, after pursuing Valerie, still has feelings for her original pick, Deb – expresses fear that Tyler might steal one of her love interests.

love island usa cast
Some of OG’s men express fears that Tyler may be stealing their girls.
Casey Durkin / Peacock

“We have to step up our game, man. You know, Tyler is into Deb and Val, so if I don’t make a decision here soon, he’s definitely going to swoon at me,” he said in a confession. I say. “I don’t want him to choose me.”

But Jesse seems to still be top of mind for both Deb and Valerie. In face-to-face conversations, the women take some time to break down their apparent overlap with the beautiful courier.

“You know the thing that bothered me a little bit was you said that you and he have a strong relationship. And he told me that he and I do too and then Zeta was telling me that he wanted me to be his No. 1 Ranks as in,” Deb tells Valerie.

maddie and valerie
Maddie and Valerie seemed content in their couples before they infiltrated Tyler’s villa.
Casey Durkin / Peacock

The surprising Costa Rica native then revealed that Jesse has been feeding her similar lines.

“He told me he ranked me as his No. 1,” she says. “He told me, like, if there was to be a re-coupling, like, ‘Would you really choose me?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, I will.'”

Valerie also tells Deb that Jesse told her that he was “physically attracted” to her and “could learn a lot” from her because she was “such a smart” person.

“It’s interesting because Zeta told me she really said the exact same thing about me,” Deb replies.

love island girls
Several female islanders take an interest in Tyler.
Casey Durkin / Peacock

An upset Valerie then asks, “Well, if that’s the same thing he’s saying to me, it’s like, ‘Well, how do we know which one is true?

No matter if they end up with Jesse or Tyler, the latter man intends to snatch someone’s woman.

“I’m super ready to come to the villa. The biggest advantage I have is, I mean, look at me,” he boasted past stealthily. “I look good, I smell good, I walk apart and I go for the girl who has a boyfriend.”

tyler on "love island usa"
Tyler has said that he is into girls who are in relationships.
Love Island USA/YouTube

Added Tyler, “More often than not, by the end of the night the boyfriend is an ex-boyfriend.”

“Love Island USA” – Hosted by Sarah Hyland – is available to stream on Peacock. New episodes come Tuesday through Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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