August 15, 2022

New York Cop Suspended After Handcuffing Black EMT Employee Who Pulled a Patient Out of His Car!

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The EMT said he has been suffering from “mental and physical difficulty” since the incident in Rochester.

A Rochester, New York, police investigator has been suspended earlier this month after being caught on video handcuffing a black EMT worker after he rammed his vehicle into a hospital’s ambulance bay while unloading a patient. was given.

Witnesses told Rochester’s NBC affiliate WHEC that after the EMT from Monroe Ambulance accidentally collided with the investigator’s car, he asked for his identity.

EMT, Lekia Smith insisted on getting her patient inside the hospital first.

Once Smith unloaded the stretcher, he began to examine the patient in a video obtained by WHEC shows. At the check-in desk, the investigator pulled the EMT’s arms behind her back and handcuffed her, then pulled her into his police car.

A statement from the Rochester Police Department said the investigator involved has been placed on paid leave pending an internal investigation into the July 11 incident.

The investigator, who has not been identified, was originally hired on administrative work. Ghost. posted by

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