August 15, 2022

NewJeans drops anticipated debut EP and ‘Cookie’ music video

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HYBE’s latest girl group under their ADOR label, NewJeans, has unveiled their latest music video for ‘Cookie’ from their newly released debut EP.

In a choreography-focused new scene, a giant cookie overtakes a five-man act on an ordinary set. Beginning the song, the New Jeans dance with ‘Cookie’, using a bench as a prop, while the lighting changes around them.

,No dinner, dinner / You’re hungry though / No water, water / You’re thirsty though / Sweet sugar, my sweet / sweet, my mine / How do you like it, it ain’t right,“They sing on a relaxing chorus.

“Cookie” is the fourth and final track to be unveiled from Newgene’s self-titled debut release, following previous songs ‘Attention’, ‘Hype Boy’ and ‘Hurt’ shared on YouTube over the past two weeks. Today (August 1) the songs have received a wide digital release for the first time.

According to HYBE’s previous press release, three of the four tracks would serve as the “title songs” for the record. The EP will also be released physically next week on August 8th.

On July 28, ADOR announced, per Hankook IlboThat NewJeans’ debut release recorded 444,000 pre-orders in four days, setting a new record for the highest number of stock pre-orders achieved by any girl group debut album in history.

Last week, NewJeans also launched a new app called Phoning, which is available on iOS and Android. The app includes unreleased photos of the group, as well as a calendar detailing their upcoming release dates and promotional roll-outs.

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