August 17, 2022

NME Radio Roundup August 1, 2022: Billie Eilish, Reena Swayma and Jamie T

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Billie Eilish TV

Billy Elisho


On Billie Eilish’s downcast anthem ‘TV’, the 20-year-old singer cuts to confronting the recent events that gripped the hearts and minds of her own teammates. “The wild trend of the Internet is watching movie stars on trial / While they’re reversing Roe v. Wade,” She sings on acoustic guitar to calm the most disillusioned of us. The song intensifies as she ropes her fans to sing the track’s devastating final refrain, “Maybe I / Maybe I / Maybe I’m The Only Problem”,

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Pip Millett Slow

pip millet


London soul newcomer Pip Millett has released a sultry new single, ‘Slow’. This minimal, mid-tempo jam draws her a lover closer to a killer bassline, soulful guitar and playful vocal effects throughout the track’s hooky chorus. This groovy earworm is a smash – it’s sure to get stuck in your head for days to come.

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Jamie T Between The Rocks

Jamie T

‘Among the Rocks’

The South London indie legend is back with ‘Between the Rocks’, the third single from his new album ‘The Theory of Where’. Energetic as ever, Jamie T spits rapid-fire bars about being caught between a rock and a hard place in the music industry, while jagged guitars and a driving beat carry us along for an adrenaline rush.

In a four-star review of ‘The Theory of Whisper’, NME Ryan Daly wrote, “Regardless of why he remained at the forefront of British alternative music, however, ‘The Theory of Wheezer’ suggests that – unless he chooses to hit the eject button for himself – Jamie T should be able to play all four. Should stick around too long.”

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Rina Sawayama Hold The Girl

reena swayamma

‘get the girl’

Genre-division artist Rina Swayamayama has released the title track of her anticipated second album Hold the Girl. The third single from the upcoming release finds Swayamma alternating between epic ballads and unadulterated garage boom as she reaches to reconcile her inner child: ,Teach me the words I knew / Yeah, I forgot them long ago / I want to remember / That’s me and I’m his” This heartwarming yet infectious new track is an exciting glimpse into what is to come.

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Paddy Mulcahy Angels Share

Paddy Mulcahy

‘Part of the Angel’

Irish electronic musician Paddy Mulcahy has released his new single, ‘Angels Share’. The downtempo instrumental track features a solid backbeat and shimmering arpeggiated synthesizers pulsing against percussive flavors, resulting in a moody soundtrack perfect for late night drives.

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Doechii Persuasive feat. SZA

Doichi feat. SZA


Doechii’s fiery new remix of “Persuasive” featuring SZA is destined to take listeners straight to the dance floor. The breakout artist’s reckless delivery sounds seamless against the track’s propulsive beat, a setup that graces SZA’s always-spirited presence. On featuring SZA, Doechii said, “She really ate! This collaboration is everything I’ve always imagined,” proving that we’re not the only ones who think this pairing works perfectly.

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Post Malone I Like You A Happier Song feat. Doja Cat

Post Malone feat. Doja Cato

‘I Like You (A Happier Song)’

‘I Like You (A Happier Song)’, taken from Post Malone’s new album ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’, is the sugar rush we never knew we needed. A melodious melody progression is paired against a trap beat, while Doja Cat casually brags on behalf of her and her lover: “I could cop a Birkin but I cop Celine / Why did we have the same taste for finer things?”

In a four star review, NME Rhian Daly called ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’ “the most intimate and open look I’ve ever seen in my life, sharing perspective on some of my personal struggles without sacrificing good tunes.”

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Rico Nasty Watch Your Man feat. Marshmello

rico nasto

“Watch Your Man (feat. Marshmallow)”

Rico Nesti has released the latest single from his new album ‘Las Ruinas’. The blazing ‘Intrusive’ shoots for top speed with the vibe of earlier singles like ‘Watch Your Man’ and never gives up. The Marshmello-produced single features drum n’ bass rhythm, heavy bass and Ricoh’s distorted vocals that are guaranteed to make you headbang when you listen over and over again.

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Skullcrusher Whatever Fits Together

skull crusher

‘Whatever Fits Together’

In the first single from Skullcrusher’s upcoming debut album Quiet the Room, Helen Ballantyne introspects and reflects on her past. Playing steady, light-hearted guitar and a gentle beat leading the way in which she delivers, “Did you ever look back? / Does it all fit together? / If we’re here, does it matter?” one in StatementBallantyne said, “When I look back, I see my life in pieces: some moments dark, some extremely vivid, some nowhere. Through the song I try to piece it all together in some non-linear form. I try and accept my own different story.”

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Jessie Ware Free Yourself

Jessie Ware

‘free yourself’

The English pop giant made its comeback debut with a new self-empowerment anthem, ‘Free Yourself’. The upbeat dance number sees Ware fearlessly calling out his listeners for his brashness against a glamorous disco beat: “You don’t hide under the covers, baby / Free yourself / Keep walking to the top of that mountain”

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alex g

‘across the sea’

Folk-rock shapeshifter Alex G is back with the third single from his upcoming album, ‘Cross the Sea’. ‘God protect the animals’, Against the muted acoustic guitar, Alex draws attention to devotion through an Auto-Tune warble (“I cross the ground for my baby / You can believe me, yeah”) Before closing the track with a sudden, inconsistent outro.

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George FitzGerald Rainbows and Dreams feat. SOAK

George Fitzgerald (feat. SOAK)

‘Rainbow and Dreams’

The third single from English producer George Fitzgerald’s upcoming release ‘Stellar Drift’ Has a title that aptly describes its sounds. The glowing track blends an upbeat rhythm with Irish indie-folk singer SOAK’s ethereal synthesizer and ghost-like vocals, creating a tapestry of sound so vast as to get lost in it.

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