August 17, 2022

Saucy Santana shakes her word with ‘Booty’ performance on ‘Fallen’

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Saucy Santana makes her late night television debut The Tonight Show With the performance of “Booty”. Accompanied by a DJ and a group of dancers, the Florida rapper went all in, dancing around in a costume whose title was emblazoned on his back end.

Santana, known for her 2020 hit “Material Girl”, released “Booty” in June after being teased on social media. The upbeat single samples the same song as BeyoncĂ©’s 2003 hit “Crazy in Love”: The Chi-Lights’ “Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So).” The recorded version includes an appearance by Atlanta rapper Leto (who Fallon was not present for the performance).

Santana’s music has been a staple on TikTok and Instagram for the past few years. It debuted around 2019, with their first single “Walk Em Like a Dog”, and continued in 2020 with “Walk”. With “Material Girl” from 2020, Santana fueled one of the biggest trends on TikTok today, thanks to various remixes. and track editing.

Earlier this year, Santana reported Rolling stone that it is still on the upside. “Two years from now it’s giving the face of fashion, it’s giving the face of makeup, it’s giving the Grammys, it’s giving the movies,” confirmed the rapper. “I can’t even imagine the crap I could do in two more years.”

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