Selena Quintanilla Estate Announces Posthumous Album Release With ‘Como Te Quiro Yo A Ti’ Remix

Selena first recorded the love song “Como te queiro yo a ti” in 1987 for her sixth studio album Preciosa. After his death in 1995, a re-recorded version of the track was shared on the 2004 compilation album Momentos Intimos. Now, “Como te queiro yo a ti” has been revamped, this time to serve as the lead single. Moonchild Mixs, Selena’s latest posthumous record is set for release on August 26.

“Como te queiro yo a ti” is one of three updated renditions of the previous songs made for the record. Remanent Moonchild Mix The digital release will feature 10 never-before-heard recordings, most of which were recorded when the late singer was 13 to 16 years old.

“Everything was recorded on vinyl,” explained Selena’s brother, Abby Quintanilla, who produced the record. ABC News, “So we had to mix old school ways with new school methods. Clean up Selena’s vocals, put them on timing. And then we turned her vocals down just a hair to make her voice a little more mature .

Earlier this year, Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, revealed latin gov news: “What’s unique about this is that not only is the music a completely new arrangement, but my son worked on Selena’s voice with the computer and if you listen to him, he sounds like he’s on this recording He did it just before he died.”

Moonchild Mix The release through Warner Music Latina has been described as a combination of ballads and cumbias derived from various parts of the Quintanilla family catalog. Produced over the course of more than a year, the record is due out nearly three decades after Selena’s death in the hopes that it will “breathe this old music and make it new for a new generation,” according to her brother Abby. And sister Suzette told ABC News.

“It really feels like she went to the studio again and recorded it,” Suzette said. “It’s so unbelievable.”

Responding to speculation about Selena releasing the record posthumously, Abby insisted that “all we are doing is honoring her memory, her legacy.”

“As an artist and musicians and people living in the public eye, you have to shut it down. We’re still going to do what we want with our music, with our sister, with our band,” said Suzette, who is contributing visual elements to the album. “And I hope people understand that whatever we do, we do it with love, care and beauty.”

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