August 18, 2022

Smooth as Butter: Confirmed Foods Get in the BTS Cookbook Business

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The BTS aren’t just cooking up hits in the studio—they’re also creating a storm in the kitchen. That’s the inspiration behind a new cookbook due out group this fall.

title BTS Recipe Book: The Book of Tasty StoriesAccording to a teaser video released last week, the full-color cookbook will feature “dishes cooked and enjoyed by BTS.”



BTS Recipe Book

According to BTS’ label HYBE, the cookbook comes after several requests from fans to know about some of the recipes that people have been seen eating in their videos and live streams. The cookbook announcement also confirms that yes, members enjoy cooking for themselves.

Popular Korean dishes like . together with Kimchi Bibimbap and scallion pancakes, the book will also include more traditional fare such as Sujebia kind of hand-pulled flour soup, and post-bokkemtang, a braised spicy chicken stew usually served with noodles or rice. The video trailer for the book also teases a lively back-and-forth among people on the best way to eat. ramyonKorean version of instant ramen noodles.

The BTS Cookbook will feature easy-to-follow recipes and photos of each dish, as well as descriptions of what the recipes are for and how they relate to the band. Special QR codes throughout the book will give readers access to video guides filmed by members themselves.

“We hope you enjoy every moment you follow these recipe steps, imagining BTS’s conversations and feelings while they were making these dishes,” reads a description on the cookbook. weaver page,

BTS Recipe Book: The Book of Tasty Stories Will be available in two versions: a Japanese version and a Korean version with an English translation. Pre-order your copy now at the Weverse Shop. The site says the books will start shipping between September 25 and October 10.

Can’t wait till then? Amazon also has unofficial cookbooks inspired by BTS available online. Titled the most popular BTS-inspired cookbook The BTS Cookbook: Authentic Korean Cuisine Members of the World’s Biggest Boyband and provides details on how each consonant relates to BTS, along with step-by-step instructions for each dish.

BTS Cookbook Amazon


bts cookbook

we also like Korean cook!a recipe book in graphic novel form. new York Times The bestseller features 64 recipes, including easy-to-make . also includes bulgogi (marinated beef over rice), zimbap (Seaweed Rice Rolls) and even beginner recipes for making kimchi. Each recipe is provided comic book-style with illustrated instructions and anecdotes.

korean cooking


Korean cook!

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