August 15, 2022

‘Stranger Things’ star David Harbor details 75-pound weight loss

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Sheriff-turned-Zeddy Jim Hopper is opening up about the 75-pound weight loss that caused “Stranger Things” fans to swoon throughout Season 4.

David Harbour, who plays the fictional Hawkins, Ind., police officer, addresses his surprising transformation from lovable chubster to certified hunk in a Instagram post Thursday, revealing that he has “recently ballooned again” for a new role.

“Many of you have asked about Hopper’s physical transformation from Season 3 to Season 4. My trainer @davidhigginslondon worked with me for 8 months to make the transformation, and then one to put it through the pandemic. More years,” he shared pictures of his body. From season 1 and the most recent season.

“All told it was a tough and exciting ride, with changing diet and exercise plans (or lack thereof).”

David Harbor takes a shirtless selfie in the mirror.
“It’s such a fun part of the job to be in a different version of your skin for a while,” he wrote.

Harbor, 47, said he’d lost more than 75 pounds and dropped to 190 by the time the movie came out in Season 4. The ‘Hellboy’ star also shared that he had to gain back the weight to play Santa Claus in a movie this holiday season. ,

“I’m struggling to fight back toward a good weight wherever Hopper ends up in Season 5,” he said, admitting that “it’s not all up and down good for the body, and I don’t have to. Will have to leave it soon.”

Despite the health risks, Harbor said that making her weight gain a roller-coaster ride is “such a fun part of the job” because it allows her to “be in a different version of your skin for a while.”

David Harbor on the red carpet.
The ‘Hellboy’ star revealed that he has already gained weight to play Santa Claus in a new film.

The “Black Widow” actor previously told Page Six that “not eating food” was the secret to her weight loss.

“It’s amazing. You try to do all these different things, protein and this and that, and then you stop eating and you lose weight.”

Harbor joked that “gaining weight is my favorite thing to do,” adding, “I’m really good at it.”

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