August 17, 2022

‘The Thing About Palm’ review: How to (almost) get away with murder

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FROM serial To tinder thugTrue crime stories are big business. Hardly a day goes by when a friend or critic recommends a Netflix documentary mini-series or feature film without recommending a horrifying murder and how long the villainous criminal goes to cover it up. Not surprisingly, Hollywood stars are just as interested in these stories as we are and so here’s talk about pam: A show Renee Zellweger wanted to make because she loved the podcast it was based on.

It’s 2011 and Pam Hoop (Renee Zellweger) is a married suburban mother in small-town Missouri who describes herself as a “business woman.” One night, when she takes her friend Betsy Faria home to nearby Troy, Betsy’s husband Russ (from Glenn Fleshler) Boardwalk Empire) finds his wife’s dead body on the floor and calls 911. Russell was arrested, tried, and eventually convicted in 2013, while Pam became a beneficiary of Betsy’s life insurance policy (worth $150,000). Russ’s lawyer, Joel Schwartz, is convinced of Russ’s innocence and fights for a retrial, finally getting one in 2015, where Russ is found innocent.

talk about pam
Renee Zellweger as Titanic killer Karen. credit: Paramount

While Russ is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, US TV shows dateline takes a growing interest in the case and considers Pam’s possible involvement in Betsy’s murder, certainly a factor in Pam’s shocking attempt to implicate the mentally and physically challenged Louis Gumpenberger in 2016 – bringing him to his home. I am trying to seduce, murder her and make her look like that. If he was Betsy’s killer. Furthermore, it appears that he had a large part in the death of his mother, Shirley Newman, who died after falling from a balcony after meeting Pam.

Zellweger is a brilliant actress, deserving of the Oscar she won for Judy more in 2020 cold Mountain in 2004. She also excels here as the fake-friendly, venomous Pam. She reassures, moves and moans with each ugly look, even if there is an argument that an older woman could have been better cast in the role rather than Zellweger in a thick suit. In an excellent supporting cast, Duhamel and Judy Greer (halloween kills) is the main attraction as devious district attorney Leah Aski.

talk about pam Certainly a fascinating story, but why retell it so quickly when it’s already been covered extensively on TV and a pod? Let’s say there are a significant number of people who haven’t heard of Hoop, but are eager for the new true crime show. In which case, it might be of interest.

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