August 15, 2022

‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’ Cover Band 900 Talk Playing With Tony Hawk: “It Was a Beautiful Moment”

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During a gig at Signature Brew Haggerston in London on Saturday (June 30), Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater The cover band 900 was joined on stage by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, who provided vocals for two of the songs featured in the game.

On stage, Hawke sang Goldfinger’s “Superman” and “Bloodstains” by Agent Orange, which appeared in the first and fourth. pro skater games respectively.

talking to NMEThe 900 reported that Hawk played with the band after seeing them instagram, Hawke sent a message to the band saying that “he was going to try out for a show while he was in England,” at which the 900″ took the opportunity to ask if he wanted to do some songs with us. Will be ready – luckily for us and the audience he said yes.

900 with Tony Hawk.  Credits: Doug Young.
900 with Tony Hawk. Credits: Doug Young.

Hawke was greeted by the audience chanting his name on stage, with The 900 describing an “amazing” reaction to the skateboarding star’s appearance. With Hawk on vocals, The 900 played Goldfinger’s ‘Superman’ and ‘Bloodstains’ by Agent Orange, appearing in the first and fourth pro skater games respectively.

“He captured ‘Superman’ and ‘Blood Spot’ perfectly! It was easily one of the best moments of our lives,” the band shared. You can watch The 900 and Hawk play “Bloodstains” — and a snippet of “Superman” — below:

Upon playing ‘Bloodstains’, Hawk told the crowd that it was one of his “gateways” into punk rock. After the gig, Hawk said that ‘Bloodstains’ was “one of the first punk songs I heard as a kid and it was the catalyst to shape the soundtrack. [Pro Skater] Play.”

“We were so grateful that he agreed to do this,” The 900 shared, “it was a beautiful moment for everyone in the room”—including Hawke, who “gashed equally on stage while playing the songs. was appearing. “

900 with Tony Hawk.  Credits: Doug Young.
900 with Tony Hawk. Credits: Doug Young.

For The 900, which formed as a “generic cover band” before pivoting to pro skater Cover to have more fun with their performance, the night was just as good. “Not only did we get the chance to meet up with one of our idols and play on stage, but we knew it would be the best surprise to the crowd,” The 900 said. ,

In other gaming news, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Will be available on PlayStation Plus starting tomorrow (August 2).

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