August 17, 2022

Traffic Reporter Delivers a ‘Flawless’ Segment Full of Beyoncé Song Titles

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Earlier this week, Sheila Watko, a traffic reporter for NBC’s Philadelphia affiliate, spiced up the morning report by distributing it entirely with Beyoncé song titles.

In all, Watco squeezed in 15 references and only got a few groans from his coworkers after he began the report, “If you’re waking up now, I hope you’ve had some ‘sweet dreams,’ but there’s traffic.” It’s getting hot, and this ‘Break My Soul’ is just starting a little bit.”

They groaned impressed and found only a slightly agitated chuckle deep Watko, and she closed with a barnburner: “We’ve had a few incidents this morning, we need you to be careful as you walk out the door, your Let’s start go to work, make that money, pay those ‘bills, bills, bills’, just ‘bay’ alerts out there! If everyone takes it easy this morning, we’ll be in for a nice quiet commute Together we can become ‘Crazy in Love’.”

At the end of her segment, Watko said she had been planning her Beyoncé Traffic Report celebration since the pop star’s latest album came out, Renaissance, Last week. And clearly, her commitment to the bit ran out on her colleagues, who brought the total number of references to 17 with some of their own.

Watco’s traffic report also came to the attention of Beyoncé’s own mom, Tina Knowles-Lawson, who shared the video on Instagram and wrote, “This is so cool!!”

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