August 19, 2022

Who is Alex Belfield?

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Alex Belfield was at one time at the top of his game as a BBC radio star.

However, in August 2022 Alex was found guilty of stalking Jeremy Wines,

Who is Alex Belfield?

Alex Belfield is a 42-year-old former BBC radio star and vlogger from Nottinghamshire.

Belfield now offers a YouTube channel called Voice of Reason, which has over 372,000 subscribers.

In September 1997, he began his career as part of the launch team of Radio 106.

Since 2012 Belfield has focused on presenting and producing content for its website, Celebrity Radio.

Alex Belfield is a former BBC radio DJ turned YouTube star


Alex Belfield is a former BBC radio DJ turned YouTube starcredits: PA

What radio shows has he presented?

He began his career as a radio host after joining BBC Radio Leicester in September 2001.

Between 2004 and 2010, he appeared on radio stations including Murcia FM, Touch FM, BBC Bristol, BBC Radio Shropshire and BBC Hereford and Worcester.

Former BBC radio DJ Alex Belfield found guilty of stalking Jeremy Wines
Former BBC radio DJ accused of stalking Jeremy Wines shouts 'it's a BBC witch hunt'

In 2006, he performed a breakfast show on Capital Gold in Birmingham for six weeks, before moving to London to handle the station’s networked national late show The Late Night Revolution.

In December 2011, Belfield made its debut on BBC Radio 2 with Jimmy Saville’s “Last In-depth Interview”, which was recorded at Saville’s Leeds home in February of that year.

What happened between Alex and Jeremy Wines?

Prosecutors claimed that Belfield subjected Jeremy Vine to a “relentless” online campaign that included a “wave of personal and disparaging attacks” on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook over an 11-month period.

Belfield denied stalking the 57-year-old and seven other alleged victims, claiming he was “the subject of a”witch hunt,

But on August 5, 2022, he was found guilty of “simple stalking” about Vine and blogger Philip DeHney.

Meanwhile, he has been acquitted of four charges of stalking about BBC staff.

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And he has been convicted of stalking Bernie Keith and videographer Ben Heavis.

Maperley, Belfield of Nottingham showed no emotion and wrote on a piece of paper as the verdicts were pronounced.

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