August 19, 2022

Willow announces LP ‘Coping Mechanism’, shares ‘Hover Like a Goddess’

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Willow has announced their latest album, coping mechanismSeptember 23 will come every year Instagram post, and is now available for preorder. The album marks the 21-year-old musician’s 2021 follow-up i feel everything,

The pre-orders for the album come at the same time that Willow released her new song, “Hover Like a Goddess.” In the accompanying video, Willow sings outside in the dark, donning a pair of black shoes at an sometimes unseen presence.

Rexak addresses the overly agonizing feeling of lust, encompassing frantic and tormented feelings of uncontrollable desire. “I’ll never be okay if you’re not mine,” Willow sings in a punk-up refrain before bringing it down to retell the line in a squeaking voice. “You’re like the sea / Coming and going,” she sings on one verse. “I wanna surf your waves on the shore and find out what’s inside / I’ll be the moon of your high tide.”

Her singles and videos from “Hover Like a Goddess”<मेब> It’s My Fault”, which dropped in June. The two tracks are Willow’s first singles since the release of their album. Recently I Feel Everything Last year. In 2022, he has collaborated with Sikbrain on “Purge”, “Where You Are”, Camila Cabello on “Psychofreak,” and Yungblood on “Memories.” He is currently on tour with Machine Gun Kelly as a special guest on their Mainstream Sellout Tour.

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